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Great Ways to Use a Steel Carport

product feature:
1>The size of the steel carport is L*W*H: 6*9*2.4m. The area is 54 square meters. The main material is 0.35mm aluminized zinc sheet. The frame is 0.8mm G550 light steel structure. There is a double opening door( size: 2700*2200mm). There is a small entrance door( size: 860*2200mm). There is hinge and door bolts. 
2>The ridge tiles, dripping eave, exposed corner, exposed corner beside the door column, exposed corner beside the small door column,wrapped corner of the door upside, the decoration strips of the big door upside, the wrapped corner of the small door upside. All of these are made of 0.5mm aluminized zinc sheet.
3>The main frame of the garage is 0.8mm light steel profiled parts. The roof purlin and wall purlin and column beside the small door and the beam of the small door upside are made of 0.8mm light steel profiled parts. 
4>U channel to wrap the door and reinforced transverse support of door inside and reinforced transverse support of door outside and door plate support are made of 0.8mm galvanized profiled parts. 
5> people would love building additional storage like steel garages outside their home. If you are planning to get the same additional storage for your car, you must first meet your local and nearest permitting agency. Visit the permitting agency and speak with them. That permitting agency will help you figure out the right plan type that suits you the . Once you get the right type of steel garage plan, you can go find the right seller of steel garage building .kits.

About us:
1>WZH steel sheds are built to the highest possible standards using a light steel frame. You can customized the color according to your preference. Due to the high built quality, our steel garage never require maintenance and come with a 20 year guarantee. We apply an anti-condensation barrier to both the walls and roof as standard so your steel shed will always have a dry interior. Many of our competitors only apply a barrier to the roof.
2>If the customer has more requirements, such as insulated material, our WZH steel shed can also come with a fully insulated interior for the customers who want more from a unit than just storage. These garage are commonly used for home offices, lobby or game rooms or gym. If you are interested in our product, you can send email to us by Amazon. We are patient to help you out. 
Smart tips to find reputable seller of steel garage kits.
1>Make sure you buy your steel garage kits from a seller that is trusted and reputable. The companies of steel garage kits will offer foundation or concrete plan including the price of building .kit. Make sure you ask the companies about the pricing because you have determined your budget and you must stick to the budget you have prepared.
2>Be careful with the suppliers of steel garage building kit who ask deposit from you so they will be able to supply the plans and give you a permit. The professional and reputable suppliers will not ask something lie this. .Unless you feel comfortable with this method, you are suggested not to give them a deposit. This suggestion about building steel garages is to help you and protect you from being tricked.

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3 Great Ways to Use a Steel Carport, From WZH Portable Buildings

1. Outdoor Entertainment 

Forget the rain - when you have a steel carport, you can throw an outdoor party without worrying about the weather. A steel carport installed over your deck or patio lets you use your grill or lounge by the fire pit without getting wet. The metal building also will protect you from the sun's harsh rays.

2. Car Protection 

Steel carports keep your vehicles safe from outdoor elements without the expense required to build a four-walled garage. Carports are customizable, so you can have sides installed if you need extra protection. WZH Portable Buildings takes pride in providing home and business owners with reliable, long-lasting products to protect their cars and other equipment.

3. Utility Storage

Families sometimes outgrow their houses. Instead of getting rid of prized possessions or renting an expensive storage unit far from home, install a steel carport. It will give you a convenient, sheltered space to store a lawn mower, gardening tools, and excess household equipment.
Installing a steel carport is an excellent way to add space to your home and protect your belongings. WZH Portable Buildings offers a variety of metal buildings, including carports, metal garages, and sheds. For more information about our services, visit our website: http://www.wzheasyhouse.com/www.buyeasyhouse.com

5 Reasons To Choose A Metal Building

1. Speedy Installation

If you are hoping to have your utility shed or steel carport completed quickly, a metal building is your option. Unlike traditional buildings, which can take months to construct, metal buildings are created off-site in a few weeks and take 2–3 days to install.

2. Easy Maintenance

You won't have to worry about weatherproofing your metal building or investing time and money into its upkeep. Metal buildings are weather-resistant and hold up well in wind, rain, and snow. Their strong but lightweight frame withstands rust and corrosion.

3. Energy Efficiency

The insulation in metal buildings makes it easier to maintain and regulate their indoor temperature, letting you save money on energy bills.

4. Durability
In addition to resisting weather damage, rust, and corrosion, metal buildings are more durable than wooden structures. You won't have to worry about mold, fire hazards, or termite infestation.

it is so easy to build a car garage with us :

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